Putnam's Model Theoretic Arguments

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"Putnam's Model-Theoretic Arguments", May 23, 2013

The workshop is dedicated to a reevaluation of Putnam's different model-theoretic arguments against metaphysical realism. Topics to be discussed concern the following questions: 

  • What are the specific model-theoretic premises of Putnam's arguments?
  • In what ways does their philosophical relevance depend on the mathematical results they presuppose?
  • Can existing objections against Putnam's arguments be sidestepped by making precise the model-theory underlying them?

Invited Speakers


AvH_Logo_n7_4cThe conference is supported by the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) and by the Münchener Universitätsgesellschaft (MUG). The conference is also generously supported by the Alexander von Foundation through a Humboldt Professorship.